1. Do I have to sign up to use this site?

    Yes you do!

  2. How does listo work?

    After you have signed up click on the activities link in the top right corner. You will then be prompted to enter what neighborhood you are in or what neighborhood you are heading to. Then you will be taken the the activity page. If one of the three options listed sounds fun, click on it. If none of the options sound good click on somethinge else. Feel free to click on more than on activity. When 3 other people in your neighborhood have selected the same activity as you an event will be crated and everyone will be notified. Everyone will be taken to the event page where you can see the location of the event and you can chat with other users. Agree on a time and head to the event. And remember have fun!

  3. What if I select the activity biking and I don't have a bike?

    Use common sense, don't pick biking. Listo or other users do not provide equipment.

  4. What is the flake score?

    The flake score is based on how many events you attend. If your flake score is 0% that is good. But if your flake score is 100% it means you are a flake. The flake score is there to hold you accountalbe and let other users know how much of a flake you are.

  5. How is my score affected when I flake?

    It depends on how many events you have previously attended. For example, if you have only attened 2 events and you flaked from one of those events, your flake score would be 50%

  6. Does my score improve if I attend an event?

    Yes, your score will improve if you attend an event.

  7. How do I report an user for inappropriate behavior

    When you are in a users bio page click the 'Report' button. Send us an email telling us why you are reporting the user and we will take care of the rest.